Lombard Bank
Melita Bullion Coin 2018

Melita Bullion Coin 2022

The Central Bank of Malta, in collaboration with Lombard Bank, has launched the 2022 issue of the Melita bullion coins in four denominations, €100 (1oz); €50 (1/2oz); €25 (1/4oz) and €10 (1/10oz). The coins are struck by the PAMP mint of Switzerland.

Melita coins are legal tender and classed as investment gold with their selling price based primarily on the spot bullion price of gold on the international markets. They are exempt from any Value Added Tax.

The single coins are presented in a blue presentation box, whereas a special folder houses the set of four coins.

These coins are available for sale through our Valletta Branch, our website www.maltacoins.com and also from the Central Bank of Malta.