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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Lombard Internet Banking (IB) Service?

The Lombard IB Service is a system which offers Bank customers the facility to access account information and conduct banking transactions by means of a computer connected to the internet. The service is available from the Bank’s website.


2) What facilities does the Lombard IB Service provide?

Customers can choose to have inquiry only or the full service. The inquiry only service provides facilities to view balances and transactions on bank and card accounts. In addition to the inquiry facilities, the full IB Service offers the facility to transfer money between own accounts and third party accounts whether these are other Lombard Bank accounts, other local bank accounts or international bank accounts. Other services include: application to open accounts, amend existing term deposit maturity instructions, setting up of standing orders and making bill payments.


3) What bills can be settled through the Lombard IB Service?

The Bank has made arrangements with many service providers including utility companies. The detailed payee list is available once you login. Please contact us should there be any specific bill payments you wish to make to a payee who is not on the bill payment payee list.


4) Which accounts can be accessed from the Lombard IB Service?

You may choose to access all your accounts or a selection of them. You may also choose an enquiry only facility or full access.


5) How can I apply for the Lombard IB Service?

You will need to visit a Branch and complete an application form. You will be able to use the service once you receive your login ID, which you will receive by postal mail.


6) How can I login to Lombard IB Service?

You will need to input your Login ID followed by the Security Code generated by the hardware security token (device provided by the Bank) or by the software security token (on your mobile).


7) What is the difference between a Hardware and a Software token?

Both tokens are used to generate a Security Code which together with your Login ID you may use to access the Lombard Internet Banking services. A hardware token is a physical device provided by the Bank, while a software token  is an app downloaded and enabled on your Adnroid or iOS mobile phone.


8) Which is the best of the hardware and software token?

Both tokens have the highest level of security technology and they both create one time use Security Codes. The software token is integrated with your mobile phone so you do not have to carry another device to access Internet Banking. Issue of a software token is instantaneous – by simply downloading the Lombard Bank Mobile app from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Customers may choose one or the other based on individual circumstances and preferences. 


9) How do I generate a Security Code Using a Hard Token?

Switch on your Security Token by pressing continuously the arrow key whilst pressing the padlock key once. Key in the four digit Token PIN. Press ‘1’ when APPLI is displayed on the Token dial. The Token will generate a six digit ‘Security Code’. To go back to APPLI, press the arrow key again. From APPLI press ‘1’ to generate another ‘Security Code’ as required. You can switch off the Token by pressing the arrow key once whilst the display is on APPLI. Please read our Lombard Internet Banking Security Token Operating Instructions for further important information concerning your Security Token. 


10) How do I generate a Security Code using a software token?

Setup your soft token using the Login ID and ‘Lombard Mobile Token’ app on your mobile phone using the ‘Soft Token Operating Instruction’ manual.  Access your mobile app and press ‘One Time password/APPLI 1’.  The application will ask you for your authorisation code or your biometric depending on your setup. A six-digit code is generated and you will need to input this code on your Internet Banking logon screen. To authenticate financial transactions, you will need to press the second option on our mobile application ‘Challenge Signature/APPLI 2’.  This will generate a Security Code which you will input on your Internet Banking transaction screen.   

Please read our Lombard Internet Banking Security Token Operating Instructions for further important information concerning your Security Token. 


11) What can I do if my Security Token is lost or stolen?

Contact the Customer Support Services on 2558 1789 immediately. The lost / stolen Token will be blocked. For a nominal fee, the Bank will provide you with a new Token to continue to use the service.


12) Is Lombard IB Service secure?

Lombard is committed to doing everything under its control to keep customers safe online. We have implemented EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) certified by VeriSign. Verisign is a certification authority with a strong reputation worldwide. To make use of this measure you must use latest browser versions (Internet Explorer 8+ or Firefox) to access the IB Service.

The address bar will turn green and will display the name of the web site ebank.lombardmalta.com), the certificate owner (Lombard Malta plc MT) and the certificate issuer (Verisign). Please remember that you also have to do your part to stay safe online. It is therefore recommended that you read and adopt the Lombard IB Security Guidelines.


13) How can details of pages viewed on the internet be removed?

Internet Explorer 8+:

Tools, Internet Options, General, Browsing History, Delete (tick all), Delete.


Tools, Clear Recent History, choose Time Range, Everything or a period which covers the time you spent  on the Service, click on Details to tick all boxes, and click on Clear Now. 


14) From where can I obtain further information?

You can obtain further information by reading the Lombard Internet Banking Terms and Conditions and the Lombard Internet Banking Security Guidelines from https://www.lombardmalta.com/.