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Wealth Management

We know your journey is unique – and we’re here to help you to make the most of that journey.

At Lombard Bank, our relationships are built on the resolute pillars of trust and understanding that we share with you – our clients. The concept of wealth means different things to different people and it is our responsibility to help you achieve the targets that mean most to you.

The Lombard Wealth Management team has years of experience helping both corporate and personal clients manage their assets. We believe in taking a bespoke and specialised approach to investment strategies, which we believe provides you with added value. We will ask the questions that get results and come to truly understand your investment objectives.

With this in mind, we provide a discrete, responsible and bespoke set of services that strive to generate genuine returns through a viable long-term strategy.

At Lombard Wealth Management, we offer a variety of services to manage your assets. These include:

  • Execution-Only Dealing – For clients who seek to trade on an ‘execution-only’ basis and without the need for professional advice.
  • Custody – Internationally-listed securities are held on our clients’ behalf, in the Bank’s name, with global custodians of international repute.
  • Nominee – This service enables you to hold your locally-listed securities through our client nominee Malta Stock Exchange account. Similar to the custody service, this service provides you with privacy and confidentiality, the delegation of administrative duties, and periodic valuations and reporting.
  • Portfolio Management and Advisory Services – Whether you want to retain control over your investment decisions or fully delegate the management of your portfolio, we are able to provide you with the setup that suits you best.
  • Private Banking – We provide private banking solutions to clients meeting a minimum set of criteria.

Lombard Bank is a member of the Malta Stock Exchange and has access to a number of international brokers for dealing on international stock exchanges.