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International Banking

Money Transfers

Our payment and account services allow you to make payments and money transfers in euro and other currencies more efficiently. Our Internet Banking Services are especially suited and convenient to send us payment and money transfers instructions, set up and customise payment templates for recurring transactions thereby reducing the chances of errors.

Sending Money

Money transferred to a beneficiary within the EEA will be delivered to the beneficiary's account no later than the next business day on which the payment is made (Monday to Friday).  Payments to countries outside the EEA will take a minimum of two working days to be credited to the beneficiary's account.  Payments can also be made to reach the beneficiary on the same day (Same Day Payment) that the payment is made.  Additional charges will apply.

How do I effect a money transfer abroad?

Payment instructions can be sent to us through our Internet Banking Service or handed to our representatives at any one of our branches.

Good to know! There is a cut-off time for payment instructions to be received, which is why we would recommend sending us your instructions at your earliest convenience. Earlier cut-off times apply in the case of Same Day Payment Money Transfers.

Receiving Money

Should you be expecting to receive money from anywhere in the EEA, your account will be credited no later than the next business day on which the transaction was made.

What do I need to provide the payer for a Money Transfer to be effected?

  • The SWIFT BIC address of Lombard, which is LBMAMTMT
  • The name of your branch
  • Your account name and full address
  • Your IBAN number
  • Reference and/or details (e.g. your invoice number(s))

Good to know! Your IBAN number can be found on your latest statement. If you are new to Lombard and you haven’t received a statement yet, you can generate your IBAN from here.

Same-Day Payments

For time-sensitive payments that need to go out on the same day, we are available to receive instructions and effect payment immediately.

Good to know! Earlier cut-off times apply for Same-Day Payments. Current cut-off times can be checked here. Additional charges apply for Same Day Payments.

Foreign Exchange

Using our foreign exchange services you can purchase and sell foreign currency against euro or other foreign currency at the prevailing market rate. Special rates may apply for larger-than-normal amounts.

Good to know! Currency bought or sold will normally take two business days (Monday to Friday) to be available. Cut off times for foreign exchange transactions may be found here.