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Security Token New

Hardware Token Operating Instructions


This device is the official Security Token issued by Lombard Bank to provide access to its Internet Banking Service. The Login ID, sent by  the Bank to you through the mail, and the Security Token are both needed for you to gain access to the system. The Token will also be used to sign transactions and/or other instructions, if and when you have specific authority to do so. The Token is an added measure to make and keep you safe online.

Please do your part by reading and abiding by these instructions of use.

First Use

The token may be used only after you insert the initial PIN consisting of 4 digits.

Turn ON the token by pressing the ‘arrow’ button and while holding it, press also the ‘padlock’ button.

You are then prompted to enter NEW PIN.

After the new PIN is entered, you will need to re-enter the new PIN a second time. After PIN code is successfully re-entered the message NEW PIN CONF is displayed. You must memorise the new PIN Code for further use.


Enter Login ID on the Internet Banking System.

Turn on the token by pressing the ‘arrow’ button and while holding it, press also the ‘padlock’ button. Now enter your PIN Code on the token and APPLI is displayed.

Press ‘1’ and a 6-digit number is displayed on the token.

Enter this 6-digit number in the ‘Security Code’ field on the Internet Banking system thus confirming your identity. You may then continue to access all applications available on Internet Banking.


Authorisations can be either for Instructions (non-financial) or Payments (financial) according to the rights allocated to you.

1. Instructions

Switch on the security token and enter the PIN Code and APPLI is displayed.

Press ‘1’ and the 6-digit number which is displayed must be entered in the ‘Signing Security Code’ field on the Internet Banking system thus authorising the transaction.

2. Payments

Following the input of the transaction, the Internet Banking system will display a 6-digit number.

When APPLI is displayed on the security token Press ‘2’ and enter the 6-digit number in the security token.

Enter the resultant 6-digit number generated by the security token in the Signing Security Code field on Internet Banking thus authorising the transaction.

Change PIN

If you have a suspicion that the token might have been accessed by third parties, or that the PIN code has been compromised, the PIN must be changed.

Switch on token, enter PIN, press the ‘Arrow’ button and hold it down until NEW PIN is displayed. Enter a new PIN Code as instructed under ‘First Use’.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Security Token

If your token is lost, stolen or damaged, you must call at your branch immediately or contact Customer Support Services on (+356) 2558 1789 between 7.45am and 4.30pm from the 1st October to the 14th June and between 7.30am and 2.30pm from the 15th June to the 30th September, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Your rights and the Bank’s rights

The right to use the token is governed by Lombard Bank’s Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. This right is exclusive to you and is not transferable.

A new, re-issued or replacement token will be inactive at first. You will activate it when you first insert your PIN. A lost, stolen or damaged token will be replaced by your branch at a charge as specified on our Tariff of Charges. If your token is malfunctioning, your branch will take action to remedy the situation. There will be no charge.

All tokens issued by us remain the property of the Bank; if you are requested to return it to us, you must do  so at once.

Useful Tips

NEVER record your Login ID number and PIN Code on the token or keep the Login ID and the token together.

NEVER inform anyone of your codes or allow any one to find out what your codes are.

NEVER let anyone see you entering the codes at any time; you must ensure therefore that there are no security cameras, mirrors or any other means that could observe entry of the codes.

NEVER leave behind any item that could reveal your codes after you conclude a session on Internet Banking.