Lombard Bank
Melita Bullion Coin 2018

Melita Bullion Coins 2019

Following the successful launch of the Melita Gold Bullion Coins in 2018, the Central Bank of Malta, in collaboration with Lombard Bank, has now launched the 2019 issue in 1oz. The coin is struck by the PAMP mint of Switzerland.

Melita coins are legal tender  and  classed as investment gold, and their price is based primarily on the spot price of gold on the international markets. This bullion coin is exempt from any Value Added Tax.

The 2019 issue of the 1oz coin bearing a face value of €100 has been limited to only 400 coins. The design is identical to the 2018 version with the exception of the year of issue. 

The obverse and reverse of the coins respectively display a personification of Malta inspired by the Edward Caruana Dingli postage stamp of 1922 and the coat of arms of the Republic of Malta.

Each coin is officially certified and housed  in an individually numbered sealed card that both protects and certifies the coin within. Scanning, using an iPhone app, will authenticate the coin itself.

Coins may be purchased from the Malta Coin Centre (MCC) e-shop on www.maltacoincentre.com or from Lombard Bank’s Valletta Branch.  Since the coins are classed as investment gold, they are exempt from VAT and therefore prices will be quoted at the time of sale reflecting their price will be based on the price of gold on the international markets.

For further information, the public may contact Lombard Bank via email [email protected] or by calling (+356) 25581 163 or the Central Bank Malta Coin Centre via email on [email protected] or by calling (+356) 2550 6006/7/8.