Lombard Bank
Interest Rates New

On Euro Deposits

Interest rates last revised on the 26th June 2023.

  • Savings Accounts
  • Personal Retail Term Deposits


Savings Accounts

The minimum balance on any savings account, at any time, is €500.
Interest is credited to the account on the fifteenth of November annually and may be paid gross or net of withholding tax.

Account balance band 

Interest rate p.a.
Paid on this band only*

0 - €499 0%
€500 - €99,999 0.10%
€100,000 and above 0.00125%

*Rates indicated only apply to the proportion of the account balance within each band.

Personal Retail Term Deposits

Period         (Minimum Balance €2,000)


1 month 0.05%
3 months 0.10%
6 months 0.80%
1 year 1.00%
2 years 1.30%

Other rates will apply for amounts over €250,000. Rates of interest for Non-Personal Term Deposits are quoted on request. Please apply at your nearest branch.

For terms of one year, interest may be paid monthly upon request.