Lombard Bank

Savings Accounts

Our Savings Accounts provide an easy and secure way for you to set aside money for your future and will be readily available should you want to withdraw it.

How do Lombard Bank Savings Accounts work?

  • A Savings Account entitles you to receive interest, which is calculated daily on all the cleared balance, and credited annually to the account.
  • There are no account-keeping charges when you open a Savings Account with us, irrespective of the number of transactions effected over the account.

Good to know! Your Savings Account can be used to receive Direct Credit transfers – such as your salary- quickly and efficiently. To set up Direct Credits you will need to quote the IBAN version of your Savings Account number. IBAN is found on your account statement. Alternatively click here to generate IBAN.

What do I need to open an account?

Before opening an account for you, suitable documentation will be required to enable us gather sufficient information for us to understand your financial dealings with the Bank and the purpose for which you intend to use the account. By way of basic requirement we would need to identify you. The additional documentation necessary depends on your specific circumstances. A minimum initial deposit of €500 is required to open a euro account, however other minimum amounts apply for accounts in currencies other than the euro.