Lombard Bank
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Company Structure

The Lombard Bank Group consists of :

Redbox Limited, a company virtually wholly owned by the Bank, was registered in 2006. Redbox Limited continues to serve as the special purpose vehicle holding, as at 31 December 2018, the Bank’s 71.5% shareholding in MaltaPost p.l.c, with the remaining 28.5% of the ordinary share capital of MaltaPost p.l.c. being held by the general public.

MaltaPost p.l.c. was listed on the Malta Stock Exchange on 24 January 2008 and is Malta’s leading postal services company, being the sole licensed Universal Service Provider of postal services in Malta.

Tanseana Limited was established in 2016 to carry out certain document management services and other related services being offered by MaltaPost.

See www.maltapost.com for further information.


Share capital



No of Shares

Ordinary shares of 0.25 cents each


(EUR 20,000,000.00)

Ordinary shares of 0.25 cents each


(EUR 11,044,478.50)


The holders of ordinary shares are entitled to receive dividends as declared from time to time and are entitled to one vote per share at general meetings of the Bank. All shares rank equally with regard to the Bank's residual assets.


Registered office

67, Republic Street, Valletta, VLT1117, Malta