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Useful Notes

Currency conversions for non-euro card transactions

When effecting card transactions in the European Economic Area (EEA) counties who have not adopted the Euro currency, a choice to pay in either Euro or in the currency of the retailer/ATM may be prompted.  Should you choose to pay in Euro, the currency conversion is carried out by the respective merchant/ATM operator at a fee.

Should you opt to pay/withdraw in the local currency of the country, the conversion is carried out by the respective card scheme (Mastercard or Visa).  This includes a currency conversion fee.

Mastercard and Visa convert transactions into Euro using the exchange rate of the processing date, which is normally a working day after the transaction date and therefore the actual percentage mark-up could differ from the transaction day’s European Central Bank (ECB) rate.

Indicative rates can be viewed by following the Mastercard and Visa links below and entering a Bank fee of 3%.